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Developments and news from around the area

We've tried to pull together any new stories that we've heard of from around the area, mainly of developments that we think are going to have an effect on house prices and tourism. The only stories that we print are ones that have actually been printed in newspapers, or we've seen with our own eyes. God knows you can't actually believe everything you read in the papers, but we don't want to be contributing stories that are unfounded rumours.


The A45 is now open from Malaga to Cordoba, and has cut down the travelling time from the coast/airport considerably.

Antequera Airport

Plans are on hold for an airport at Antequera to ease the burden on Malaga airport, the new runway at Malaga is now open and the new terminal building is superb. The date set for completion for Antequera airport was 2013 however due to the economic crisis this has obviously changed and no new date has been set. The airport will be designed to meet the needs of low cost carriers.This will have a tremendous impact on tourism and house prices in the area, putting most of the properties in our portfolio within a 20 - 30 minute drive from the airport. The airport is to be situated on the plain to the north of Antequera.

Meanwhile Malaga airport has a journey time of around an hour to the area.

Golf Courses

The area already has a fine golf course at Antequera, 30 mins away, and the new course which was to be built at Lucena, roughly 20 mins drive to the north, has again because of the economy been put on hold. No news as to any opening dates so far.

Disneyland Spain?

Lastly, there is some news being reported by The Times that Investors are planning to build either a summer camp, or a full-on Disneyworld style park in Spain near Murcia. Although details are sketchy, and Murcia is just over 4 hours away, this can only come as good news for the tourism and property market in Andalucia.

IKEA Malaga

IKEA Malaga is now open, and although it does get exceedingly packed at the weekend, somehow seems to be a less soul destroying experience than shopping at UK IKEA outlets. Traffic around the store was a nightmare to begin with, but seems to have settled down now. They are currently building more stores around it.