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These are a list of some web addresses that you may find useful when looking at buying a house in Spain, or further reading about life in Spain

Always check that the information you are using is up to date. If neccesary, email someone to confirm the information. Please remember to always take legal advice before acting on any information.

Sur in English is an English language newspaper based on the Costa Del Sol. It has many useful news items and also classified ads. It is very useful to get an idea of what life in Spain is really like.

The Costa Del Sol News is also an invaluable source of English language news on the Costa Del Sol. Again it has classified ads and many other links to other services you may need

Andalucia.com is a huge portal full of information about life here in southern Spain, with advice on everything from gardening to swimming pools. Some of the information can be very generic, but there is a forum where you can get advice on anything from the price of winter wood to directions to a particular shop.

IdealSpain.com is another big portal with a lot of very useful information, particularly about the house buying process and legal aspects. It also has advice on everything from buying a car in Spain to getting your residencias completed. It also has a forum.