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Local Services

There are a number of local services in our area that deserve attention. Whether it's a local garage where you can purchase a new vehicle when you move over here, or the name of someone who installs Solar Panelling. Our only criteria is that we have either used them and found them to be reliable, efficient, friendly and value for money, or have reports from friends to the same effect. This is not a classifieds board, and we don't take any money for them being here.


Clinica Veterinaria Rute
Situated in Rute, they have looked after our dog and numerous animals of our friends. They are very caring with the animals, and they can speak a little bit of English.
Calle Del Pilar 56
Telephone (0034) 957538417

Certificate of Energy Efficiency:

A new Royal Decree was passed in 2013 requiring that all properties being sold or rented out for more than 4 months of the year should have an energy efficiency certificate, of which a copy should be supplied to any prospective buyer/renter. This has to be done by a certified Company and prices vary dramatically, however, we can recommend a Company called Ingearq Innova, and the contact name is a lady called Beatriz, her mobile number is 0034 637474235 and her email address is Beatrizaybarromero@gmail.com as a bonus she does speak English if your Spanish is not up to scratch.