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Many people come to Spain with the idea of starting a small business, or working for themselves, and it is an ideal place to do so, as Spain is very much a country of Small businesses.

There are great deal of opportunities to be taken in Spain, and in rural areas, the government are keen to invite investment in rural tourism and business, and there are a number of grants available. The spanish do not seem to be particularly entreprenuerial as a rule, and often there are unfilled niches in the market just waiting for someone with guts, vision and a bit of cash to start something up.

That doesn't just mean that you can start up a business and not have the correct licences and paperwork in place. Spain can be maddeningly bureaucratic and long winded when it comes to things like that, and depending on what you are doing, it can be a long and costly road to trading legally. For instance, a Bed and Breakfast can take over €10,000, and a couple of years to get a licence to have guests. A lot of English people come over and operate businesses with no legal foundation and don't pay any tax or National Insurance, but they generally don't last too long before the Spanish authorities shut them down and fine them.

We have now set up and currently run three legal businesses in Cuevas De San Marcos, and would be happy to provide any help and advice that we can offer.

There is a lot of information about setting up a business in Spain available online. Try these sites for further information.